Friday, June 18, 2010

The stumph family at play

Mommy has not let me update my blog in a long time. I really had a hard time when we moved. Genny and the Bostons liked the place right away and said it was "home." But I was not sure. I kept waiting for us to go back to my house on the mountain in the woods. Mommy said she bought this house so that I can have sheepz next year...but I don't see any sheepz yet, so I am not convinced.

Mommy has been playing a lot of soccer with me and my yellow soccer ball... and with Raechel and her little purple ball. Last night she played soccer with me for 2 hours. She was getting tired, but I was still wanting to play. Here is a video (after 2 hours) of me and some of my siblings in the yard.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lots of Changes!!!

Wow! I finally got Mom to sit down and let me update my blog. It has been FOREVER!!!!
Lots of things have happened:
1. I started competing in agility and got my level 1 and 2 CPE titles.
2. Mom helped with the NEBCR Lucky 7...and I got a new sister
3. Mom got a new job and we are moving to Maine.

So I'll start with agility. Mom said I could start competing when I learned my weaves...
so I learned them really fast and now I am competing. I started out a little nervous and I watched mom a lot. Then I realized, heck, this is easy...and now I do it MY way. mom calls me the demon spawn and sometimes doesn't let me play the whole game.

But in my first trial I got 8 out of 8 first and Q's. Mom was very proud. I tried to take it easy on Mom because she was wearing that stupid cast and couldn't keep up with me, but finally I had to do it my way. Finally she got the cast off and she is doing a much better job of doing what I say.

She says I cannot move up to level 3 until we act more like a c'mon mom, get on the ball! I'm ready, why aren't you?

In late September, mom got word that there was an awful place in TN that had border collies. They got busted and now those 108 border collies needed to find new moms and dads to adopt. So 7 of them were put in a truck and came to NEBCR to find their people. They call them the Lucky 7. I don't know...they are lucky to be out of there, but the REALLY lucky ones are the people who have had the chance to meet them and work with them. Every one of them has said that they have been touched or changed by the experience. If you want to read more about the Lucky 7 and the other dogs in foster care through NEBCR, try their blog:

Mom said we were going to go to SugarBush Farm for a while to help -- and it would just be border collie time -- so she and I got in the RV and drove to NY. Mom met the Lucky 7 and helped take care of them. Some were scared of people and new things...but the nice NEBCR people started to teach them to trust...and how to earn a lot of cookies!

When we arrived, Uncle Craig told mommy that there was one that he thought she's really like. I am not sure what he meant 'cuz mom likes all doggies. But later that day she was walking freckled Spice and she just begged to stay near mom. More border collies came in to be helped and they needed extra space, so Spice came to stay with us for a few nights in our RV. It was fun having a border collie playmate...someone to play bitey-face with.

A few days later, we had to go home and mom said that Spice would not be coming with us. I was sad, but mom said that in another couple of weeks, we'd be meeting with Uncle Craig and he'd bring her to meet up with us. She said Spice would be my foster sister.

I know about being a foster sister cuz I was Dune's foster sister. A foster sister has to teach the rules and play and be a friend to the foster dog. So I told mom I could do that. I couple of days later mom said she was changing the plan and rather than waiting two weeks, we would go back to Sugarbush as soon as she got back from Oklahoma. We could take Raechel with us to make sure Spice got along ok with fun little dogs.

So we did. And guess what? Spice liked Raechel. So we brought her home to foster. All the little Black n Whites like her. She is sweet and calm and very laid back...and even a little shy sometimes. Mom and Dad changed her name to Genesis (Genny) since this is a "new beginning" for her away from the puppy mill.

After a few weeks mom talked to the other people at NEBCR and told her how well Genny was doing...then she announced to the family that she was no longer going to be our foster sister. I was sad because I really like Genny and I was sad to think of her leaving. But I know that finding a forever family is the BEST! so I was happy for her. Then mommy surprised us by saying that the reason why she was no longer going to be a foster sister was because she was going to be our forever sister!!! Hooray, she is staying!

Moving...I'll have to do a separate entry on that has been quite an adventure!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I Love Mud!

It has been raining for the past 25 days. Mom is not nuts about that...she says it is getting too muddy. But there is no such thing as TOO MUDDY! It is so much more fun to run and slide and dig. I Love Mud!!!!

Our cousins, Angus and Pepper, came to visit for a few days. Angus didn't like the mud too much. He thought it was a bit un-dig-nified. I told him " oh contraire, scotty cousin, it is VERY "dig"-nified. " and I showed him and his sister, Pepper how to dig in the mud. He wasn't convinced. But Pepper thought it was great fun. And Mom laughed to see a wheaten colored scotty all full of mud.

I taught Mom a fun new lesson today. After she brushed me and made me all purty, I showed her how to really groom me. I ran around the house with Jonah and Raechel -- and they slobbered allover my shaw; then I went outside and found the little pond, jumped in then rolled in the mud. When I showed myself to her, all she could do was laugh.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Training Mom for Agility

I decided that Mom WILL take me to Nationals next year. When I told big brudder Isaac that he just laughed at me. He said that no one can force Mom to do anything, she has to WANT to do it.

So after I showed her I could do my weaves I was a really good girl for the whole next day. I did my contacts, didn't drop any bars, and even looked ahead rather than always looking at her when we played on the equipment. She said I could "try" a trial in July. I am SOOOO excited.

Then I begged Mom to run with me so I can practice running near her. We did that a long time ago when Mom said we were doing foundation work. I don't know what that means, but I remember running in circles and turning toward and away from Mom when there was no equipment around.

So the next time we went out for our walk, Mom RAN instead. She said it was actually fun and she was thrilled that she didn't puke when we finished the mile. I don't understand why she thought she'd get sick. I run all of the time and I never get sick. Sometimes Moms don't make sense.

Then we played Chuck-It in the front yard. She made me stay until she used my release word. We did that for a long time. I disappeared for a few minutes and Mom called me. I came right away and she started laughing. I am not sure why a wet dog is funny -- I ran to the brooke and took a dip. Any good dog in training needs to cool off, right?

It may take a while, but I think I am beginning to get Mom trained!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

CPE Nationals, or bust!

After our trip to the farm and NJ, we took a long drive to Massachusetts to meet some friends for CPE Nationals. I think that stands for "Crazy People Everywhere." When we got there, we camped with some friends -- some from far away and some from nearby. It was almost like the border collie party at The Farm because there were over 30 dogs in our group of 7 campers. Lots of them were border collies.

Uncle Art, Melanie and Kayla with Tux, Chase, Teika, Missy and Dreamer were next to us. Then there was Uncle Jay and Aunt Jennie with their Aussie kids. I got to meet one of them -- Heart -- and she was very nice. Then there was Uncle Ron and Aunt Kim with Hannah, Riddick, Chloe and my friend Radar. On the other side of us was Auntie Linda with Serra, Devon, Tommy and some of their other siblings -- but I didn't get to meet them. Sometimes I am a bit too energetic and small dogs get nervous around me.

In the middle of our circle were Auntie Lee with Trek, Flipside and Dera. She is really funny. Auntie Sonja was camped in the middle, too, with my friend Fantom and her sisters, Ty and Tsunami. I remember them from playing in the river at Bo-gee and with Uncle Art when we played at Clean Run. She is the one that finally got Mom to let me be a border collie by being off leash sometimes.

The next day, lots more people arrived and we were surrounded by more of my friends! Behind us were our friends from local agility trials and to our side were our NEBCR friends. I think I like CPE Nationals! All of our friends get together in one place. How fun! There was lots of laughing and playing...and I think I even saw Mom relax once!!

I got to play with a lot of the friends around us. I met Arthur. He is Dune's brother (I love Dune!). We played with my soccer ball and we tried to run around, but there is only so much you can do when you are on a long line. I told him that the next time we are at The Farm together, I want to play with him again. He said that would be fun.

Mom said there was agility going on, but I didn't get to see it. Mom was working at the scoretable each day, so she took Isaac to be with her. I know he was competing...and everyone said he was a Rock Star! He got ribbons in all of his classes except one. I don't know what that means, but Mom seemed happy. I am proud of my big brother and how hard he tries. One day I will get to play agility like Isaac.

I asked Mom if I could play agility at CPE Nationals next year. She explained what I would have to do to qualify. She said if I work REALLY hard, I might be able to make it. So I told her I wanted to start competing right away so I could qualify! Mom said I could start competing when I learn my weaves. So I have been working very hard. Here are my weaves. What do you think?

I think I am ready, but Mom says I still have work to do. I think she really means SHE has work to do. I don't run like the Bostons. Mom is trying real hard to learn how to run with me. I know she can do it...if she works REALLY hard.

I can't wait until next year!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Being at the Farm

We just got home from being on the road --living in our arrr-veee--for almost two weeks. It was so much fun! I think we should be "on vacation" all the time!

One day Mom told all of us doggies that it was time to get in the Arrr-Vee and go to The Farm. I thought that she meant we were going to play with sheepies with Aunt Cindi, but we were in the Arrr-Vee for a long time...too long for the drive to Aunt Cindi's.

Finally we got there and I remembered where I was. It was the place where I met my Mom and Dad and my Boston brothers and sisters. It was Sugar Bush Farm! Mom said there was going to be a big party with lots of border collies, but she explained that we would not be there for the party, only before and after. That didn't make a lot of sense to me, but Mom keeps trying to convince me that she knows best, so I tried to trust her.

People started to arrive and I got to see so many friends. Some I already knew; some are new friends. Then I saw Speck, Sam and their mom, Emily. I used to live with them --they were my foster family before I got a doptid. It was so good to see them. I ran up to say hi! I think they remembered me because they treated me like family!

I visited with all sorts of new friends and we went into the big area with the pond. That was SOOOO fun. I loved jumping in the pond. I had so much fun chasing new friends. I hung around Bodhi and Jiff. Then I saw Limerick. I remembered him from the last time I was there. I saw so many friends that my Mom kept getting confused.

There were lots of border collies around the pond. Mom says there were about 20 of them...and that wasn't even the party yet!!!! Mom said these were people who were arriving early for the party the next day.

Just when I was having a great time, Mom said we had to go. I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay and play and swim. But she promised we'd be back soon. Just as we were about to leave, Mom said I had to come out of the Arr-Vee to see someone. When she put my leash on me, I came from the Arr-Vee, and there were Dune and Dan. I used to live with them, too. I was happy to see them. My new friend at Aunt Cindi's house, Roo, reminds me of Dune (Dune is sooo handsome). So I think about him every time I see Roo -- and now here they were! We visited for a bit. Mom said she wished we could stay, but we had to drive to a place called New Jersey for an agility trial the next day, so we said goodbye. But again, Mom promised we'd be back.

We drove a long time again. We were at a really pretty park with lots of grass. There was a pond, but I wasn't allowed to play in it. But that was ok; when Mom wasn't doing agility I got to walk around and play ball in the grass and meet new dog and people friends. Mom said that everyone was great! She really had fun.

Mom also told us about the town. She had been there when she was in school. It is the home of the Seeing Eye. That was the first guide dog school in the United States. Mom had been there when she was learning about how to help people who are blind learn to work with their guide dogs after they "graduated" from the Seeing Eye.

I was having a good time there, but then we got in the Arrr-Vee again and took another long drive. We stopped late at night and Mom took me out to walk around a little bit. I recognized where we were!!! We were back at The Farm!!! I was so excited, but Mom said we had to go to bed -- we could play in the morning.

Morning came and I wanted to go see if my friends were still there. I ate breakfast real fast so I could go outside. After breakfast, Mom and I played in the agility ring. I had never been in an outside agility ring except our backyard. This one was fun, too. I tried real hard to listen to Mom and remember what I was supposed to do. It was really fun.

After breakfast, Mom took my brother Isaac for a loing walk around the farm and they met some friends, too. Then it was my turn, and we went into the pen and played with Didge and Lizzie and Murphy and Molly. Then our friends Drake and Keegan and Flirt and Tristan and Bodhi and Jiff and Petie and Disney and Tela and Fenn and Bogart and Beacon came out to play, too.

My favorite thing is the pond. I love to swim. Miss Caitlin kept throwing the tennis ball and it was so fun to keep chasing. Mom says The Farm is owned by Miss Kathy and Mr. Craig. They are really nice. I want to go live at The Farm!!!

Just when I thought I found heaven, Mom said we had to pack up and drive AGAIN!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Paw-fect Day

I think I just had the paw-fect weekend. On Friday mom got up and told me we were going to work with the sheepies. So after breakfast, Mom and I got in the car and went to Aunt Cindi's house. I got to play with some of my border dollie friends there, then it was time for me to go to the pen. Emma came with us, but Aunt Cindi said that today I was going to do it all by myself.

It was soooo hard to act like Roo and Emma do...they are so wise and so in control. I was so excited that I just wanted to play with the sheepies. Aunt Cindi said that today I had to learn about control. I don't know what that is, but it very important to her. So I had to walk past the sheepies in their pen and do what Aunt Cindi wanted. I wanted to go sniff their noses, but she told me that I had to stay with her. After a couple of times, I did it PAW-fect, so Mom got a turn. I showed her what to do!

Then I had to go behind the pen and get them out of the pen without chasing them and making them scared. I tried really hard to be grown up like Roo and Emma, but it was very hard. I really wanted to play chase with them...but I know when Mom says, "that'll do!" that I need to come back.

Next came the hard part. I had to put them back in their pen. That was really hard. I got them back near their pen, but every time they got close, I got too excited. Mom says that is when the Control thing is important. I guess I lost mine. If anyone finds it, can you email me so I can come pick it up?

Then when we got home, we went to an agility trial at Auntie Doreen's in Vermont. She has a big puddle and a fun pen to play in. I liked playing fetch in the puddle. Then I got to make lots of friends in the pen. Mom said that I could play while I dried off. I showed her the best way to dry off--roll in the dirt! So she tool me to the puddle to rinse off again. I wanted to make sure I got dry fast, so I rolled in the dirt again. then she did it one more time. I am not sure how many times she was going to take me to the puddle, but I thought it was fun. ...and I rolled in the dirt again. This time Mom just laughed and let me stay dirty.

I played with my friend Larkin, the Aussie, and I met a new Aussie friend, Radar. Radar is just a baby, but he is bigger than I am. Then I played with his border collie sister, Chloe, and border collie brother, Riddick. Aunt Wendy brought border collies Vivi and Aby in to play, too. It was all herding dogs. We played and played. Then our new friend, Hershey, came in. She is not a herding dog, but she was black and liked balls, so we had fun!

Then I was tired, so I went back to the RV and slept. It was the Paw-fect day!