Monday, March 2, 2009

Agility trials and soccer balls

This weekend was amazing! Mom and dad keep taking me places that are fun. And just when I think it can't get any better, they take me somewhere else that IS even better.

I think my favorite thing in the world is my soccer ball -- except for sheepies, but I don't get to see them too much in the winter, so since I see my soccer ball every day, that wins! Every day mom and I play with my soccer ball.

Anyway, on Friday morning we got up and mom and dad said we were going away. We all went out the the doghouse on wheels (they call it an arrrr-vee) and got in our special travel beds. I like it when we do because the marrow bone fairy always leaves us a present in our special beds -- and it makes the travel fun!
When we got to the place, mom took me inside and there was grass. Can you imagine that? Grass inside. Guess what was going on on the grass? There were kids kicking soccer balls. There were soccer balls everywhere!!! When I turned to one side, there were big orange balls that the kids were throwing up in the air through a hoop. They bounced and they looked like they needed to be chased, too.

Mom says I was a good girl because I noticed the balls and watched them, but I did not bark or pull on the leash. She told me to lie down and relax and I did. (note from mom: she says I held still for only a nanosecond. That must be a really long time because it seemed forever to me).

Then I saw some people friends and some doggy friends. I recognized them from agility trials. Wow! I had never been to an agility trial at a place where there were kids playing soccer. I saw Miss Jennifer and Mr. Ramunas, Storm and Star's mom and dad...remember, they came from NEBCR along time ago.
I met Miss Judy - she's Hazard's mom. He's really cute and he looks like me, and not like my brothers and sisters. Miss Judy got down to my level and asked me to sit, then she asked me if I could give her my paw. Of course, I could give her my paw. What kind of border collie does she think I am? Of course I could do tricks! My mom cracked up laughing. She said she didn't know I could do that. Frankly, I thought it was kind of funny that she is teaching me all sorts of other things about sitting , staying, downing, turning right, turning left, going around, come by, and going up/down/through/around equipment and other stuff. But never once has she asked me to give her my paw. Surprise, Mom! I know things that you don't know I know!

I saw Mr. John and Miss Laura. Mr. John was teasing my mom and called me a "Barbie Border Collie." Mommy laughed and told him that I am not just beautiful, but I am smart and a good working dog, too. Then he laughed and said he looked forward to seeing it. I am not sure who Barbie is or what that means, but I think I have sheets on my bed with someone named Barbie on them.
I saw so many friends that knew my name...that was really fun. There were a lot of people that I could practice sitting and lying down in front of.

On Saturday, mom came out to the arrr-vee after watching agility all day. She said she was done in her ring. Dad explained that she stands in the middle of the ring and watches the dogs run. I think that sounds like fun. I asked Dad if I could go stand next to mom as she watches, but he said that isn't allowed when she is "judging" -- whatever that is. Anyway, after she was done, she came to the arr-vee and said she wanted me to come in and see people and watch the dogs run in the other ring.

I met all sorts of new friends -- and I liked them all. We sat on the bleachers next to other two legged and four legged friends. Then mom took me up some stairs. She called it an observation deck. I think it is heaven. From up there I could watch the dogs run on one side. At first I started to get excited, but mom reminded me to relax, and I did. Then I turned around and on the other side, there were balls bouncing and kids playing with the balls. This MUST be heaven -- agility and soccer balls in the same place.

I can't wait to see where she takes me next...maybe agility AND balls AND sheepies all at the same place. Anyone know anywhere like that so mom can take me there?