Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My World -- a Border Collie in a pack of Boston Terriers

I am Rebekah. I live in a home with lots of Boston Terriers...and I am the "little sister." It is kind of fun to have brothers and sisters that like to do the same things I like. We love to run and chase; we play with balls, we go herding (yes, I have a Boston Terrier brother who likes sheep, too); we go to agility classes; we go to flyball classes; we go on trips to agility trials in the "doghouse on wheels."

So, I guess you are wondering how I came to be a part of a pack full of Boston Terriers, eh? I don't really understand what day I was at home nursing my puppies, then the puppies were gone and my family said they had to move, and I had to be with another family. They said I would be on a List made up by a guy named Craig. Very nice people called and said they would help me to find the right forever home. I guess they must have been Craig's friends because they said they saw me on Craig's List. And they said they were from New England Border Collie Rescue.

I went to live with some very nice people. I think their name was Foster because they said they were my Foster family. But they called each other Dan and Emily. They took really good care of me and loved me and let me run around and play. They took me to the dog-ter who made sure I was healthy. I had a little operation so I would not have more puppies. There were other dogs and cats living there. I got very confused because the most handsome red border collie, Dune (I have a crush on him), told me that Speck and I were Foster brothers and sisters, but the kitties and Sam were regular brothers and sisters. I guess I don't understand what a "Foster" is...we were all treated with love and I couldn't tell the difference.

One day, my Foster people said that we were going "to the farm." I had no idea what that meant, but Dune got very excited. Dune is so handsome and so smart, so if he gets excited about "going to the farm" then I knew it was something to get very excited about. Dune told me it was a birthday party for him and his brothers and sisters. They came from New England Border Collie Rescue, too.

I am not sure where "New England Border Collie Rescue" is, but it must be one of the states nearby since almost everyone that I met at the party was from there. There were lots and lots of dogs just like me and Dune and Speck. Dune told me that we are all border collies. We chased each other and chased the ball in the barn.

There were some people there who kept staring at me. I thought they were ok because the lady had a pocketful of treats. Every time I came to her she gave me a treat. She kept asking the other people all sorts of questions about border collies. And she really wanted to play with me. So my Foster Dan and Foster Emily told her that I like to chase soccer balls. She stayed in the barn with me FOREVER and kept throwing and kicking the ball. I thought she was ok (I heard someone call her A Dopter) .

The Dopter mom and the Dopter dad brought in a small dog -- the size of the Foster kitties. Her name was Jordan and she was tiny -- she was about the size of my soccer ball. She came into the ring and began chasing the balls and chasing the other border collies. She liked this game. I thought she was funny and I played with her. She looked a little like me - black and white, but no tail and short fur and a short nose. They brought in another one named Jonah -- he looked just like Jordan except a little bigger. He was a lot of fun, too. They said something about meeting Jordan and Jonah on New-trul grounds. So I figured the farm was named the New-trul farm.

Then Foster Dan said everyone was going to go out to the sheep. Dune got VERY excited. I had never seen him so excited!!! The Dopter mom put my leash on and took me to the sheep. Then I understood why Dune got so excited. When I saw them I knew what I needed to do and I knew this was what I was meant to do. Foster Dan and the Dopter mom took me in the pen with the sheep. Dune ran in, too, to show me what to do. He really took me under his wing...just like a big Foster brother does! I loved being around the sheep. I ran around them and made them move toward the Dopter mom and Foster Dan. Foster Emily and the Dopter dad watched. I didn't really want to leave the sheep , but I knew the other dogs wanted a chance to play with the sheepies. That was so fun.

I saw Foster Emily and the Dopter mom talking a lot...and they both seemed kind of happy. A week later I became a part of the Dopter mom and dad's family. My new mom explained to me what an "adopter" is, and I laughed that I had misunderstood. I learned that those little black and white dogs are Boston Terriers. There are a lot of them in my new family -- and I have a lot of fun playing with them.

I have had a lot of adventures in my new home...but those are for later posts.