Friday, July 3, 2009

I Love Mud!

It has been raining for the past 25 days. Mom is not nuts about that...she says it is getting too muddy. But there is no such thing as TOO MUDDY! It is so much more fun to run and slide and dig. I Love Mud!!!!

Our cousins, Angus and Pepper, came to visit for a few days. Angus didn't like the mud too much. He thought it was a bit un-dig-nified. I told him " oh contraire, scotty cousin, it is VERY "dig"-nified. " and I showed him and his sister, Pepper how to dig in the mud. He wasn't convinced. But Pepper thought it was great fun. And Mom laughed to see a wheaten colored scotty all full of mud.

I taught Mom a fun new lesson today. After she brushed me and made me all purty, I showed her how to really groom me. I ran around the house with Jonah and Raechel -- and they slobbered allover my shaw; then I went outside and found the little pond, jumped in then rolled in the mud. When I showed myself to her, all she could do was laugh.