Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lots of Changes!!!

Wow! I finally got Mom to sit down and let me update my blog. It has been FOREVER!!!!
Lots of things have happened:
1. I started competing in agility and got my level 1 and 2 CPE titles.
2. Mom helped with the NEBCR Lucky 7...and I got a new sister
3. Mom got a new job and we are moving to Maine.

So I'll start with agility. Mom said I could start competing when I learned my weaves...
so I learned them really fast and now I am competing. I started out a little nervous and I watched mom a lot. Then I realized, heck, this is easy...and now I do it MY way. mom calls me the demon spawn and sometimes doesn't let me play the whole game.

But in my first trial I got 8 out of 8 first and Q's. Mom was very proud. I tried to take it easy on Mom because she was wearing that stupid cast and couldn't keep up with me, but finally I had to do it my way. Finally she got the cast off and she is doing a much better job of doing what I say.

She says I cannot move up to level 3 until we act more like a c'mon mom, get on the ball! I'm ready, why aren't you?

In late September, mom got word that there was an awful place in TN that had border collies. They got busted and now those 108 border collies needed to find new moms and dads to adopt. So 7 of them were put in a truck and came to NEBCR to find their people. They call them the Lucky 7. I don't know...they are lucky to be out of there, but the REALLY lucky ones are the people who have had the chance to meet them and work with them. Every one of them has said that they have been touched or changed by the experience. If you want to read more about the Lucky 7 and the other dogs in foster care through NEBCR, try their blog:

Mom said we were going to go to SugarBush Farm for a while to help -- and it would just be border collie time -- so she and I got in the RV and drove to NY. Mom met the Lucky 7 and helped take care of them. Some were scared of people and new things...but the nice NEBCR people started to teach them to trust...and how to earn a lot of cookies!

When we arrived, Uncle Craig told mommy that there was one that he thought she's really like. I am not sure what he meant 'cuz mom likes all doggies. But later that day she was walking freckled Spice and she just begged to stay near mom. More border collies came in to be helped and they needed extra space, so Spice came to stay with us for a few nights in our RV. It was fun having a border collie playmate...someone to play bitey-face with.

A few days later, we had to go home and mom said that Spice would not be coming with us. I was sad, but mom said that in another couple of weeks, we'd be meeting with Uncle Craig and he'd bring her to meet up with us. She said Spice would be my foster sister.

I know about being a foster sister cuz I was Dune's foster sister. A foster sister has to teach the rules and play and be a friend to the foster dog. So I told mom I could do that. I couple of days later mom said she was changing the plan and rather than waiting two weeks, we would go back to Sugarbush as soon as she got back from Oklahoma. We could take Raechel with us to make sure Spice got along ok with fun little dogs.

So we did. And guess what? Spice liked Raechel. So we brought her home to foster. All the little Black n Whites like her. She is sweet and calm and very laid back...and even a little shy sometimes. Mom and Dad changed her name to Genesis (Genny) since this is a "new beginning" for her away from the puppy mill.

After a few weeks mom talked to the other people at NEBCR and told her how well Genny was doing...then she announced to the family that she was no longer going to be our foster sister. I was sad because I really like Genny and I was sad to think of her leaving. But I know that finding a forever family is the BEST! so I was happy for her. Then mommy surprised us by saying that the reason why she was no longer going to be a foster sister was because she was going to be our forever sister!!! Hooray, she is staying!

Moving...I'll have to do a separate entry on that has been quite an adventure!