Friday, June 18, 2010

The stumph family at play

Mommy has not let me update my blog in a long time. I really had a hard time when we moved. Genny and the Bostons liked the place right away and said it was "home." But I was not sure. I kept waiting for us to go back to my house on the mountain in the woods. Mommy said she bought this house so that I can have sheepz next year...but I don't see any sheepz yet, so I am not convinced.

Mommy has been playing a lot of soccer with me and my yellow soccer ball... and with Raechel and her little purple ball. Last night she played soccer with me for 2 hours. She was getting tired, but I was still wanting to play. Here is a video (after 2 hours) of me and some of my siblings in the yard.